About Naomi

Naomi Lasley is a clay artist living in Sebastopol, California.


Naomi studied art education at San Francisco State University where she received a BA and Secondary Teaching Credential. She continued post graduate work at Stanford University. However her real education took place over the course of a 35-year teaching career, particularly the 25 years Naomi taught ceramics in secondary school.

The artist I am today is a natural outgrowth of my many years of teaching high school ceramics. After years of acquiring and passing on knowledge and skills to my students, of nurturing and encouraging creativity and problem-solving, I am now able to be both the student and the teacher exploring my own creativity and direction.

I am grateful to all the mentors I have met along the way who inspired me, answered my questions and taught me so much.

In particular, I wish to thank Dorothy Weiner, who introduced me to raku, alternative firing methods and Native American pottery techniques.

My thanks also go to Joel Bennett, from whom I learned the magic of pit firing; and Chris Boyd, a ceramicist who was a mentor for many years; and Dorna Anderson, another high school ceramics teacher who taught me “the ropes.”

In deep appreciation to my husband, Bruce Eby, who built my studio as a retirement gift. Without his generous support all my work would not be possible.

—Naomi Lasley
Sebastopol, CA – March 2016