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Raku Fish

3-Fish5-1000x1000 3-Fish6-1000x1000 3-Fish7-1000x1000 3-Fish8-1000x1000 3-Fish9-1000x1000 3-Fish10-1000x1000 3-Fish11-1000x1000 3-Fish12-1000x1000 3-Fish13-1000x1000 3-Fish14-1000x1000 3-Fish15-1000x1000

Pit Fired Fish

3-Fish4-1000x1000 3-Fish3-1000x1000 3-Fish2-1000x1000 3-Fish1-1000x1000

Fish with Human Cremains Glaze

In 2014 I was commissioned to create a memorial piece for a client using her departed husband’s ashes in the glaze. After over 100 glaze tests I achieved desirable results. I made an urn along with six fish in honor of her fisherman husband, Mike.

Cremains-fish6-1000x1000 Cremains-fish5-1000x1000 Cremains-fish4-1000x1000 Cremains-fish3-1000x1000 Cremains-fish2-1000x1000 Cremains-fish8-1000x1000 Cremains-fish7-1000x1000 Cremains-fish1-1000x1000